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NovaBubbles for PocketPC

NovaBubbles is addictive arcade game with simple rules and two game modes - Arcade and Puzzle
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12 October 2010

Editor's review

Shooting game has been among favorite for years for all most game lovers for years. NovaBubbles for PocketPC version 1.4 is blend of shooting and Match games that surely has many reasons to make you feel on top of the world. NovaBubbles game is sized 1.81Mb file that you can very conveniently downloaded from the internet and installed in your PC. Immensely simple and easy to play game is certainly made for kids, adults and even aged. A new computer user will also find it more than easy to master the controls and the game within seconds.

NovaBubbles is indeed a game that will make you addicted to it. The rules of the game are very simple and can be played in two gaming modes that are Puzzle and OCo Arcade. The game will provide you will lot many choices and numerous strategies that will fill your heart with delight. All you need to do while playing this game is to fire a bubble to the heap of bubbles that are located on the top. If the color of the bubble you have shot matches and forms a bunch of 3 bubbles or more of same colors that heap will burst and disappear. For shooting purpose you need to point the stylus where or to which side you want to shoot your bubble and click fire. The stylus is present in the center of the window that you can easily see plus you will be able to view the menu on the bottom right and the points on the bottom left of the window. The game has some interesting features like many players can play the game individually, two game modes, endless gameplay, a total of 40 levels in the puzzle modes and thrilling explosion and striking effects.

Owing to its exciting game play and a detailed story line, NovaBubbles for PocketPC 1.4 deserves no less than a score of three and a half rating points.

Publisher's description

0 levels in the Puzzle mode. Clear a level from all bubbles by solving a puzzle.
Game Features:
- Several players can use the game individually
- Endless gameplay
- Two game modes
- 40 levels in Puzzle mode
- Cool explosions and other striking effects
NovaBubbles for PocketPC
NovaBubbles for PocketPC
Version 1.4
Free Download

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